Bauhaus and overpriced chairs

The Bauhaus is the first school of design. It was created by Walter Gropius, and it was pretty succesful until the second world war, when it was shut down by the german regime because of its «moderness».

Some of the most important architects of the modern era, such as Mies van der Rohe.

the aim of this school was improving peoples lives by making good designs affordable. This was possible thanks to mass production, the designs of this school were mainly modular, or with steel profiles, easy manipulable in a factory.

Nowadays, the designs born at this school are considered luxury items, why would the Red and Blue Chair sell at 2400€ when it was originally meant to be affordable? I have mixed feelings for this. On the one side, this is one of the first explorarions of neoplasticism in three dimensions, so I understand it has an inmense artistic and cultural value, but on the other side, I don’t get why affordable mass produced designs should sell at such a high price when it is totally opposite to the author’s (Gerrit Rietveld) intentions.

Red and Blue Chair

This is not the only example, the Barcelona chair by Mies Van der Rohe or the Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer follow the same steps.