PA 1 _ my environment

Why did I choose this place?

I chose my dorm room because it’s currently the heart of my life; as what was before distributed along many spaces is now, that i’m living in a student residence, compacted in one unique space. Therefore, my room has become the center of my social, student and personal life.

What makes me comfortable?

It is not only the warm light that comes in inthe morning, but also my roommates what make this four walls feel like home. The room is spacious enough for the three of us to live comfortably. I like having my own corner inside the shared space, it gives me a sense of individuality.

Is there some disrubtive element?

The floor plan is open, so there’s not a single pillar or collumn breaking that openess; anyhow, the desks are in the middle of the room, «breaking» the flow between the door and the balcony.

Do you think you would feel the same in another space right now?

From my point of view, the space you inhabit plays a huge role on your mood; I do think I could feel the same way in a space I consider «private» (such as my own room in my hometown).

Do you think the conditions of this space influence its occupants? How?

Architecture has a great influence in the people experiencing it, included our own rooms. The conditions of my room affect me and my roommates directly. It wouldn’t be the same having to cohabit in a really small, low cellings and no natural light room. The conditions of the place you live affect directly to your life conditions and health.

Atmospheres by Peter Zumthor

This essay follows the thinking process Zumthor has whenever he’s experiencing or creating architecture. He states that spaces aren’t experienced in a logical way, but rather in a more intuitive, sentible one. I think this has to do with the fact that he considers atchitecture an applied art, once and for all, an art. I find interesting the comparison he does with music, in his own words, ‘the greatest of all arts’. Just like music, architecture is lived instinctively. The ambience of an interior reaches you just like the melody of a piece of music.

Architecture has the capacity of meking us, humans, feel lighter, heavier; it invites us to introspect or socialise. Architecture is made by humans for humans, and it wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for us experiencing it.

Zumthor writes abiut 9 main points he takes into account while designing. First, the grace of being cable to create certain ambiences through work (like a composer is able to create a masterpice thanks to hard work). I find this very enlightenig, the tought of inprovement motivates me, and unlike many other fields in which natural talent is required, architectural thinking can be worked up.

The physical elements that conform a building are thought of like a body that can touch you. The materials you use, the colours, the structure, it is the base of it all. Our bodies are the physical elements of our hole much the same as the beams, foundations and other constructive parts are for the soul of the building.

Then, Material compatibility, how different materials and textures can make us fell warmth and how they correlate to each other. Later on, The soound of sapce. Every space has its own unique sound, even if there is complete silence. This also realtes to the dimensions, form and materials to the space, which alltogether form the building’s soul. The tempereature of space is key to human comodity; in order for us to feel comfortable in interiors, we need cool, somehow warm temperature and it can be achieved with architecture.

In Surrounding objects he speaks about the life one gives a building when they inhabit it. We give it personality, soul, life, flow with our personal belongings and experiences. Regarding dimensions and scales, Between composure and seduction touches the relatonship between the human and the space. Last, he marks the importnce of designing with light, the tension between interior and exterior, a building’s surronundings and intimacy inside a building.

All this points he touched are waht i consider can make an atmosphere that can touch you with just a feeling.