U1_What is Architecture?

What is Architecture?

According to the doctionary, Architecture is:

  1. the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.
  2. the complex or carefully designed structure of something.

we can dive deeply into these two definition. The former, refers to the an architects proffesion, which resides between the words of art and «engenieering». The latter canbe applied into our daily lives, as everything we experience has some sort of organized structure that is problably to Architecture.

It is functionality and beauty.

The architect

It is an architects duty to observe, recognise and solve society’s needs using their creative and practical skills.

Being architects means having curiosity for the world we live in. We must be artists, scientis and humanist, in such a way we have well-rounded knowldedge in order to be able to cover society’s needs. We are kind of Reinaissance humanists.

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Other reflections

Architecture is the art of building

Marcus Vitruvius

Architecture is a kind of cultural expression. We can get to know an ancient civilization through its architecture. Architecture is cultural heritage, the way humanity has to leave a legacy of its greatness; but it is also a non artistic field, meant to make our lives easier.

Technic is dominance of nature, therefore, architecture is a technic. Unlikemany other animals, it’s not us that we adapt to our envirinment, we modify our environment so as to adapt it to our way of life.