U2_the architect today

An architect is a professional devoted to design, a creator who manages space, resources and functionality to materialize ideas, taking into account human needs. The architect can canalize emotions, sensations and feelings using technic.

Architecture is created in group, and it embaraces almost all fields: art, music, society, law… Because of this, the architect must be a sensible, cult person, added to a sociologist and communicator.

Learning to see

  1. delve into what we look at in order to turn it into thought
  2. get used to analyze what surrounds us
  3. drawing as a process of interpretation of reality
  4. travelling: acquire new points of view
  5. reading: deepens ideas
  6. taking photographs: create a unique gaze
  7. Films: comopsed of light, movement, space; just like architecture

Learning to think

Expressing our thoughts finding the adequate language

Being critical, suspicious, curious

Collective thinking, sharing ideas

Learning to create

understand the user’s needs

understand the composition rules of architecture

understand the materials and their possibilities

understand the construction technics

constructive viability

The practice of architecture

In Spain, this profession is regulated by the ‘Ley 38/1999, de 5 de Noviembre, de Ordenación de la Edificación’.

Some common forms of employment are

  • self employed (own office)
  • work for others (other architects, public work…)

the architects main areas of work are building, urban planning, interior design, teaching, valuations…